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Types of Leases

There are many different types of leases differentiated by what they contain and cover.

All Bills Paid Lease

As you may infer from the name of this type of lease, this lease contract includes every bill.

These bills are the following: 

  1. Electricity
# of Bedrooms Cap Rate
2. Water
3. Trash
4. Pest Control
5. Two Parking Permits

Not All Bills Paid Lease

Again, as you may infer from the name of the lease contract, this lease contract does not include every bill.

This Lease includes the following Bills; 

  1. Water 
  2. Trash 
  3. Pest control 
  4. Two parking Permits 


Contracts can be done in two ways:

Manually/Paper: This is only used in cases where the resident does not have an email address, it will be accessible at all times on the intranet.

Digitally: The digital contract is directly done through Rent Manager. The only thing that will be needed from a tenant is to have an accessible email address.