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Turning In of Keys - Final Step #4

Move-in Packet

The Move-in packet is given to every new resident once they pick up their keys. Inside this folder, you will put:

  • A copy of the Lease contract 
  • Inventory and Condition Form 
  • Office Contact Information sheet with Gate codes 
  • Cash Pay Store Logos 
  • Nearby schools 
  • Visitor Parking rules. 

Remember if the parking permits are not ready, it would be best not to turn in the keys. If the parking permits are not ready, the tenant's cars may be at risk of being towed due to them not having a parking sticker.

The consequences are serious, as the company will have to pay for the cost and cause the relationship between management and the resident to start badly. 

  • Video of how to Issue a Parking Permit. 

Parking Permits

If the tenant fails to show up to pick up their keys, you must try to contact them. If they still fail to communicate back with you, then it will be considered a failure to move in.

  • The Admin Fee is non-refundable regardless of any reason. 
  • You must change the display name on rent manager to FTMI 
  • By Email, contact Application Decisions, this way they can remove the tenant from the system and return them to the Prospect section.