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The Appointment - Beginning of Step #2

You must make sure that you are strict with yourself when it comes to appointments with prospects. Remember clients regularly take time from their jobs to come in and sign contracts.

Remember it is always recommended for contracts to be done through Rent Manager and not Manually.
Due to the speed at which we receive applications and corporate decisions are made, on some occasions, you will not have an apartment ready to deliver the day the prospect comes to sign the lease. 

This is extremely normal, which means the leasing agent must be a Persuasive as Possible, to close the deal.

The Day the Prospect comes to sign the contract, the following points should be made clear. 

  1. The apartment number, its location on the property (first or second floor), and if the apartment has mostly wood flooring or carpet.
  2. The date when the tenant can move in and pick up the keys. 

*As a reminder: Everyone above the age of 18 that will be living in the apartment must fill out an application and must be a leaseholder on the contract*