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As stated before, the Maintenance department is led by a maintenance coordinator.

The Maintenance lead coordinator of each region assists the on-site maintenance men from each property.

As opposed to a make-ready who works on vacant apartments, Maintenance men work in Occupied apartments.
This means that their job and quality of work are extremely important, as all tenants should be left satisfied with the work done. 

The Maintenance Team is divided into 2 groups:

A/C technicians

Ticket Runners

Each Maintenance Team member is responsible for completing their own set of tasks. 

These tasks include but are not limited to (Before and After Pictures are Required) : 

  • Ensure that all work orders are completed promptly based on their priority. 
  • Repair each apartment A/C Unit. 
  • Repair the property Boilers (Basic Repairs) 
  • Perform simple electrical/mechanical repairs, depending on what the task requires. 
  • Provide customer service to each resident by maintaining their apartments in amazing condition. 
  • Repair appliances or replace them when they can not be fixed. 
  • Repair cabinets, countertops, and doors.
  • Unclog toilets/ replace broken toilets. 
  • Repair and install broken windows. 
  • Assemble, repair, and install pipes, fittings, and fixtures. 
  • Assist with maintaining the exterior grounds and common areas of the property clean.
  • Repair any work orders that may need to be done in each model, the office, and any common area of the building.