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How to attend an interested party?




Leasing Agent

  • Asks how he found out about the apartments. (Important* This way we know what marketing is working best.) 
  • Give a brochure with the prices.
  • Explain the rental requirements.

If he shows real interest, offer to show a Model according to his needs (size/price).


Gives a form of ID. (ID stays at the office while giving a tour.

Leasing Agent

Proceed to the guided tour following the necessary safety recommendations:

When going on tour make sure you walk the nicest route. Make sure to know your property so you can answer any questions they might ask on tour. Safety tip 101

  • Always take your phone, show unit keys, and mace.
  • Always let someone else in the office know you are going on tour, take the prospect’s ID, and leave them on your desk. 
  • While showing a unit make sure to always stay closest to the exit and keep your back to the door.
  • Allow them to enter the unit first 
  • Feel free to return at any time you start to feel uncomfortable. Safety first. 
  • If you don’t feel comfortable showing the model to a prospect, you are not obligated to. Tell them “ Unfortunately, the model is not available right now”

  • Return the ID to the resident. 
  • Check what type of application the customer prefers to fill out    * preferably always use the online application *



Paper application

Give the prospect the application and indicate what information cannot be missing. For example: if you have a preference for a high or low floor. Floor or carpet.

(Take a copy of the ID in Color)


Request the prospect’s phone number and send the prospect the link through the TEXTFREE application or by email 

(View video, how to do this)

Clarify at this point that everyone over 18 that will be living in the apartment must fill out an application. (No Exceptions) 


Fills out the application and provides proof of income.

Then the application is completed. 

Leasing Agent 

If the Applicant did the application online then the system will automatically create a prospect for them. 

If the Applicant did the application manually you will have to manually add the prospect to the system.

  • Video How to Manually Input a prospect.