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In this chapter, we will be exploring how Marketing is done throughout the company and its benefits.

Marketing helps the company reach and exceed its occupancy goals. 

Although each property receives traffic from walk-ins and resident referrals,
it is not enough to reach 95% occupancy at each Property. 

As a result, we use different advertising tactics to increase traffic at each property.

Chapter Objectives : 

  1. Facebook Marketing 
  2. How Posts are made. 
  3. How messages from prospects should be answered. 

*Note marketing is not optional.* 

There is a certain amount of posts each leasing agent is required to do. 

The amount that is required may change with time. 

The current amount will be given to you when you start, as it changes you will be informed. 

The number of posts required is not optional, leasing agents who fail to meet the quota will suffer serious consequences.