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Move Out / Writ of Possession

After the judge rules in favor of the management company, he will give a date for when the tenant must vacate. One day after that date, the manager must check the apartment to see if the resident has left.

If the resident Moved Out, then the Move out process can begin. 

If the resident does not move out on the date set forth by the judge, the manager will have to go to court and file a writ of possession. 

The document Request for Writ should be filled out and taken to court. 


Note the writ must be filed within the time frame of 30 days after the tenant is supposed to move out.
The entire eviction process will have to be redone if the writ is not submitted within those 30 days.

Once the writ is submitted, then a Constable (Police Officer) will come to the property and execute the writ. 

The officer will arrive to take possession of the unit by force, and the resident will be forced to leave the premises immediately.