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Sign The Lease Contract

For a Renewal to be valid, the resident must be approved by corporate, and the new lease contract must be completed.

The lease can be signed electronically through the rent manager and manually on paper. 
We recommend that the lease contract be signed online whenever possible, as a copy of the lease gets saved in the system.
Take into account what type of lease contract the resident has or will have if it is ABP or not.

Preparing the Lease Contract / Lease Appointment

The renewal dates must be updated in the system before the tenant comes in to sign the lease contract. (Must be done for the lease contract to have the correct dates.)

Here is a video of how to do this accurately: 

Before signing the leasing contract, double-check the following:

As you know to create a new lease contract, you must use the option “Publish Signable Documents”.

If you have asked the resident to come in at a specific time and date to sign the lease contract, make sure you are punctual. (Try and have the resident pick out a time and date that is best for them) 

Reread the lease contract to the tenant so that they are aware of any changes or rules that apply to the current lease contract.

Ensure that the resident signs the lease document in your presence, whether electronically or manually.

A new parking addendum must be signed in addition to the leasing contract.