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Add the new unit to the Tenant (Manual Contract)

If the resident signed the new lease manually then you will have to make sure you update the system after signing the lease contract. This will make sure it reflects and the unit doesn’t appear on the vacancy report where it can be double leased.

How to add the new apartment to the resident. (Transfer)

After the Lease contract is signed whether manually or electronically and everything in the system has been updated, it must be placed in the tenant's file folder.
After it must be placed in the Transfer Bin in the check station for the manager to review.


Remember to erase the apartment number from the make-ready board and put it on the Pre-lease board.
If not done the make-ready will not know they have this apartment to work on.

Stop Recurring charges on the old unit and add the new recurring Charge

As you know when a tenant requests a transfer, they rarely request a transfer to the same floor plan. This means that the rent will change.

Once the tenant has signed the new lease and it has been put in the tenant file in the Transfer Bin, the manager will review it. 
As she is reviewing the file to make sure everything was done correctly, she will also update the recurring charges in the system. 

Below is a video of how to do this accurately. 

After the manager has reviewed the file and updated the system,
they will then sign the contract and file the folder in the cabinet.