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Apartment Inspection

(What is needed to inspect an occupied apartment?)

By doing a unit inspection before accepting a transfer application, we guarantee that the unit does not have any serious damages.

When filling out the inspection form, take pictures of everything that you see that has substantial damage.

Once the inspection is done, you must also review the tenant's history in the system and the file. 

Review the tenant's payment history and if they have any lease violations. 


Once all the information needed is collected you will send it all to corporate for review through the application email.

(Send reports, pictures, and any lease violations. )

Answer From Corporate

Once you have received an answer from corporate it is time to inform the resident.

*Corporate may request some more information or documentation, if so, make sure to send it in for a fast reply*

Pro Tip

To make life easier for yourself and the property team, try to set any transfer that you may have to move in on the first of every month. This will avoid any confusion with partial payments.*

Communicating Response

Contact the resident and inform them of the answer as soon as possible, then schedule a time and date to come and sign the lease contract.

Make sure to explain the transfer fee that they must pay (if any) before moving into their new unit.