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Signing the New Lease and Taking Payment

At the Appointment

Before anything can proceed the new contract must be signed and the transfer fee must be paid.

There are two ways to sign the contract,

Digitally through the rent manager or Manually.
To do it electronically, you will have to update the system as shown in the video below:


Always re-read the contract to the resident. We continuously add new clauses in the contract to better protect the company. If you fail to do so then the tenant may not learn a new crucial rule. You also never know, the resident may learn something he hadn’t in the past.

  • When signing the new lease contract for the new unit, make sure to also sign a new towing parking addendum and inform the tenant(s) that they will be receiving new parking stickers on the day they move into their new unit.

  • Bill the transfer fee in the tenant's transactions before they pay, as stated before this will avoid them having any unnecessary credit.