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Received 90-Day Notice

The Proper Way for a person to move out without any repercussions is by giving a 90-day notice and moving on the date written on the 90-day notice. (Date must coincide with the lease end date.)

As soon as the key is returned then the apartment is officially considered a vacant apartment, as stated on the lease contract. 


“9. MOVE OUT: The Resident (s) shall move out of the “Property” no later than 11:00 a.m. on the “end date of the lease”. Move out is not complete until keys are returned to the management office. Until move out is complete, rent continues to accrue, and Resident (s) is responsible for all rent accrued. Anything left in or around the apartment after completing the move-out will be disposed of. Texas Excel Property Management is not responsible for any of the items left or items that are disposed of.”

If a 90-Notice is not turned in then and the tenant moves out, it is one of the other scenarios (Skip, Eviction, Transfers).