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Property Manager

Within each property, the person and position who holds the most responsibility is the Property Manager.

They are responsible for the planning, administration, direction, and control of everything that happens on each property.

The essential responsibilities of a Manager are, but are not limited to:

  • Maintain the delinquency percentage as low as possible by strictly following the collections department monthly plan.
  • Coordinate with the maintenance team, to make sure that every work order is given a timely resolution.
  • Coordinate with the make-ready team, to make sure that every vacant apartment is being restored as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Direct and supervise every leasing agent.
  • Review and approve the list of materials needed for both maintenance and make ready.
  • Ensure that all vacant apartments are indeed vacant. Do so by walking the property and vacant units.
  • Walk vacant units to see what is needed for them to be completed.



*Although this is a basic layout of what a property manager has to do, it does not mean it will be the only thing they will do. Managers must do anything necessary to keep the property moving smoothly. This includes but is not limited to, leasing, helping residents, doing model walkthroughs, and helping during inspections.*