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Review all Documentation & Send it to Corporate

To send it to corporate for review, you must also check the file folder to see if the tenant has any lease violations. (Write these on the Renewal Application)

All documents and tasks that are needed for a renewal application to be complete: 

  • Renewal Application (Found on the Intranet )
  • Tenant Transactions (Found in Rent Manager) 
  • Tenant ID 
  • Pictures of any special requests


After all, this has been done and collected the application must be sent to corporate at [email protected].
The Tenants application has to be put inside of the Renewals Bin until a response is given.

Corporates Answer:

If the corporation decides to Deny the Renewal Application then a Non – Renewal letter must be sent to the tenant immediately.
(Form can be found on the Intranet) 

  • This notice must be delivered personally to the resident’s door. 
  • Our ability to evict a resident will be limited if the resident does not receive the Non-Renewal notice and stays past their contract period without our permission.


If the Application was approved, the leasing agent must inform the tenant immediately. 

  • Corporate will specify the terms of approval. (Normally, this means the rent likely increased, or a special was given. These terms are not optional.) 
  • If the Resident doesn’t have an ABP lease, they will also be offered a special price to switch over to all bills paid. 

The resident will decide what option they would like to go with. Regardless of what they decide, the lease contract must then be signed.

*Pro Tip: If you are trying to convince the resident to switch to all bills paid, help them do the calculation of how much they currently pay and how much their bill would be. *