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Rent Manager

Rent Manager is a type of property management software. We use this software to handle the company's real estate portfolio (Properties).

 This includes but is not limited to all accounts, reports, tenants, resources, work orders/ service issues, and electronic tools. 

All resident-related resources (Tenant listing, Lease Agreements, etc.) must be issued and can be found on this program. 

Through this program, we can see and issue the following
(This list is only the minimum of what this program can do): 

  • Residents 
  • Prospects 
  • Apartments 
  • Work Orders 
  • Payments 

       Throughout this training program, you will learn how to correctly use rent manager to its full capacity.
       If you do not know the basics of rent manager, then you will struggle.
        Keep this in mind while going through this training program. 

Never Delete anything from Rent Manager!

If you have made a mistake please contact your manager or supervisor and ask them how to proceed.

Any changes made in the system can affect important numbers. 

If you have any questions regarding the system, please ask as well.* 

A username and password for the Rent Manager will be provided to you once you are assigned to a property.
You may not share it with anyone!
Any actions that are done with this login, your log-in, will be registered in the system.
This is why keeping your login information to yourself is extremely important.*