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Move out Process

Regardless of the circumstances under which the tenant moves out, the move-out process is the same.

Inspection & Move Out of System

When an apartment is vacated, a unit inspection is necessary.
Then the unit can be repaired and leased to another tenant. 
As soon as the apartment becomes available, it must be written on the make-ready board.
The make-ready board is then updated based on the results of the unit inspection.

What to do when a resident turns in their keys?

Three months before the tenant turned in the keys, the tenant should have turned in their 90-day written notice.

If the 90-day written notice is not submitted and the resident moves out, the resident will be charged a no-notice fee.

  1. Fill out the Key Return Form 
  2. Pull the file and place the keys inside the file with the Key Return Form 
  3. Download the Key Return Form on Rent Manager. (History and Notes) 
  4. Move the tenant out of the system. 
  5. Place the file inside the move-out bin in the check station. 
  6. Erase the apartment number from the Renewal Board. 
  7. Write the apartment number on the make-ready board/prerelease board. 
  8. Walk unit (Take as many pictures as possible, specifically of damages)(Change key to Master) 
  9. Fill out the Move out Statement based on the pictures taken. 
  10. Update the Make Ready Board based on the unit walkthrough. 
  11. Add pet inhabited units to the Pest Control Book.

A manager will review the file after all the steps listed above are completed, ensuring that everything has been completed. Once the property manager reviews the file, the file will be considered a dead file.


Please note that "dead files" must be saved and filed in the "dead file cabinet."