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Work Orders

Rules for when a work order is opened:

  1. Issue work order (Unit #, Work order subject)
  2. Description: List the details of the task. 
  3. Make sure the apartment number is assigned to the correct property. 
  4. Use the boxes on the left-hand side of the work order page. (Category, Priority, Status, Assigned To.)


Closing work orders:

 (Currently, all non-office staff members close their work orders.) 
Confirm- confirm with the resident by text, calling, emailing, etc. That the work order has been taken care of. 

  • Before any work order is closed, the staff member must write the work performed and the materials used.


Closing work orders:

 If a work order is waiting on a part, set the “status” to Pending, and in the resolution, put why.
If you know a work order is currently being worked on, please set the status to Work In Progress.

Close- Close it out of the system.

 (Make sure it is assigned to the person who performed the work order before closing.)
Put a line through the work order with a highlighter once you have done so.

File- File it in the work order folder.  

* Always do resident callbacks before closing out a work order **

The videos below will show you how to close a work order through the Rent Manager App and the system.

  1. How to close a work order through Rent Manager.

How to Close a Work Order Through the Rent Manager App