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Carpet Decisions

The carpet is an integral part of preparing an apartment.

A carpet can entirely change the appearance of a room.

Making a carpet look better isn’t as difficult as you might think.

All of the following options, with the exception of a shampoo, must be approved by corporate and scheduled properly.

Carpet Shampoo

Shampooing every carpet is always recommended, as it is the quickest and least time-consuming method.
This is the first option for every carpet.

With shampoo, one can beautify a carpet and an apartment, leaving them smelling fresh and clean.

Carpet Dye

Oftentimes, a carpet in an apartment has a beautiful texture and is in great condition, but it is discolored. Whether it is due to Clorox stains, food stains, wine stains, etc. A carpet dye is always recommended so you don’t waste any more time getting the apartment ready. 

Listed below are some examples of carpets that our team of carpet experts has restored after a dye job.

These carpets should serve as an example as to which carpets can be saved.

Carpet Patch

Carpet patches are extremely useful!
In particular, Carpet Patches are recommended when you have a beautiful carpet, that has a wonderful texture, and is clean but for some reason has a hole, rip, or burn mark.

Carpet Replacement

As the most costly and time-consuming solution for any carpet, carpet replacement should always be the last resort. Due to the time, it takes to replace carpets and the need to schedule them accordingly, this is the least ideal option. 

All carpet replacements must be approved and scheduled with corporate.

This is the order in which you should also consider any carpet decision. 

After shampooing, carpet dyeing, carpet patching, and if all else fails, carpet replacement is the last option.