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Application and Inspection Procedure

Upgrade and Downgrade

When asking for a transfer, a resident can ask for 1 of 2 options: 



This means the resident would like to upgrade to an apartment that is bigger and more expensive than their current apartment. 



The resident would like to downgrade to an apartment that is smaller and cheaper than their current apartment. 

Always ask the resident to clarify why they are requesting a transfer.

Asking for a Transfer

The minute a Resident requests a transfer you must inform them of the requirements and read and explain the transfer clause on the lease.


Apartment transfers during a lease are not allowed without written permission from management. If approved,

Resident(s) will be charged a non-refundable $500.00 transfer fee. Transfers will not be approved if Resident(s) has a balance of unpaid rent, utility, damage charges, etc. Transfers will also only be allowed after inspection of the Resident(s) existing unit.

All Transfers must be approved by Corporate. 

After they have agreed to the terms set forth on the contract, you must ask what their unit preferences are. (Floorplan, First or second floor, Floor or Carpet, etc.) 

*There are tools arranged to help through this process. (Unit Type Vacancy Report, Make Ready Board)* 


If the floorplan the tenant wants is not available, they can get put on the waiting list only after they are approved. 

If the floorplan the tenant wants is available, make an appointment with the resident to inspect their current unit, so you can begin the transfer process. 

If a resident requests a transfer due to a pest control situation (Bed Bugs or Fleas), please let them know that an application cannot be submitted until the full pest control treatment is complete.

There are no exceptions to this policy. 

When transferring a resident with a pest control issue, you aren’t fixing the issue, but simply moving it to another unit.

Employees who knowingly transfer a resident with a pest control issue will face serious repercussions.