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Transfer Requirements/ Necessities

1. Printed Transaction / Ledger.

  • The balance must be $0 to be considered or apply for a transfer. 

2. Verify the contact information of Leaseholders and occupants.

  • If any adult requests to be added to the new apartment lease, they will have to do an application!
    (On occasions, there is a fee to be added on to the contract) 
  • If Denied, the adult may not live on property!

3. No Major Lease violations, specifically ones that have not been corrected.

4. Must provide a new proof of income.

  • They must prove that they have enough income to pay rent for the apartment they want to transfer to. (Only if it is an upgrade.) 

5. Renewal Application with transfer written on top.

6. New Copy of the ID of everyone above the age of 18.

*The Leasing agent must perform an inspection in the tenant’s current unit.* 

Once all of the above is collected and verified, it should be scanned and sent to the application decisions email for corporate to review and decide. 

*Make sure to explain to the resident what the Transfer Fee is.
Corporate may decide for the transfer fee to be lowered or voided, but this is strictly a corporate decision.
Our job is to inform the tenant! This way, the resident is not surprised when the corporate decides to give them one. *  – Email