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Taking Payments

Rent Manager allows payments to be made in the office through the following four options:

  • Debit Card (3%-4% Fee)
  • Credit Card 3%-4% Fee)
  • Checking Account ($1.95 Fee)
  • Savings Account ($1.95 Fee)

Video how to take payments: 

*As the video shows money orders, checks, and cash a strictly prohibited*

If the customer can not pay using any of these 4 payment methods, they will have to pay at the store using the account number provided by the office personnel. 

  • Video How to get a cash pay account number for a tenant.


Once the Lease Contract is signed and the Admin Fee is paid, immediately put the apartment on the pre-lease board with the date of move-in and erase it from the Make Ready Board.

If not done so, another leasing agent may accidentally double lease the apartment.*

After everything is completed the last thing to do is for the manager to sign the contract.
This does imply that the manager has reviewed the file and is certain everything was done correctly.