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Excel Property Management – Backup
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In this chapter, you will learn what these systems, structures, and terminologies are.

Main objectives of this chapter:
Learn the standard structure of every property.
Know what role your position plays in the Property Team.
Know what tools are at your disposal and what their functions are.
Learn what the 4 main processes are.

Important Information
Every office has Four main processes. Each process is used as a form of organization within the offices.
Some of these processes require more than one team member of the property to participate, to be done accurately.

These main processes are:

Common terminology throughout the course:
Work Orders: Task or a job that is assigned to a specific employee. Used to keep track of all work that is being performed on the property.
All work orders must be assigned to a specific employee.
All non-office personnel must have a work order for each task they are going to do.
*Work orders are opened by the office staff and closed by the employee it is assigned to*