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Preparing Notices to Send

Previously, we listed three reasons why residents may face eviction. 

  • Lease Violations
  • Back Rent:
  • Lease Holdover

 If you want to evict a tenant for lease violations, then you need proof that the lease violation occurred. 

All lease violation notices delivered to the resident must be kept in the tenant’s file, where they will be easily accessible when needed.

Next, you can send the tenant the Legal Notice to Vacate and Release Premises, also called the 3 Day Notice. 

Afterward, the tenant has three days to voluntarily vacate the premises; if they do not, the eviction process will begin. 

To evict a tenant who owes back rent, you must first serve the tenant with a Legal Notice to Vacate and Release Premises. 

To evict a tenant due to Holdover, then the Non-Renewal Letter must be sent out first. 

If the tenant does not move out on the specified date given on the Non-Renewal Letter, then the Legal Notice to Vacate and Release Premises notice must be sent.