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Request Managing:

When a resident comes in to renew their lease, they frequently have special requests. Painting and resurfacing are examples of these requests.

In these cases, a walkthrough of the unit is advised.

Pictures should be taken and included in the renewal application.

If the request is approved

The manager should keep a calendar for this type of work to keep track of all approved requests.

  • Shampoo

    The resident must specify whether the shampoo will be done throughout their unit or only in common areas.

    The Shampoo team does not move furniture. As a result, the resident will be responsible for moving any furniture and belongings that may obstruct the shampoo process.

  • Resurfacing

    Inform the resident that they will be unable to use their tub for the next two days to let it dry properly.

    If the apartment has two bathtubs that need to be resurfaced, they must be done on different days.

    The tenant should remove all personal belongings and objects from the restrooms, including the sink and mirror area.
    Overspray can occur while resurfacing, and the company does not want to be held liable for any damaged personal items.

  • Painting

    It is the tenant’s responsibility to remove any personal belongings which are on or near the wall.

Once again, work orders are needed for any task to be done. 

Remember all requests must be approved before being scheduled.

In the case of carpets with pest control issues, the entire pest control treatment must be completed before a decision can be made.

Please inform the resident that if they refuse the pest control treatment, they risk not being renewed since pest control problems can move into another apartment due to their negligence.