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Excel Property Management – Backup
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Application Due Diligence

Check the Application, Make sure that the application is complete

(Personal information, Rental verification, and Employment Information)

Before sending the application to corporate make sure you have all of the following items and in this order: 

  • Application Summary
  • Video of how to fill out the application summary 
  • Color ID
  • Application
  • Income proof
  • Background check

Once you have all 5 documents then you must send the application to corporate by email. 

All Applications (New Applications, Renewals, Transfers) need to be scanned and sent to the Applications email: [email protected] 

Regularly the response may take two business days (make sure to inform your prospect) 

The answer will also come back through email.

*Answers and decisions to all applications are final.

The final decision can only be made by corporate through the application decisions email.*

  • Video of how to do a background check.

  • Video of how to send an application to corporate.