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Prepare the Lease & Read for the Tenant

Once you have completed the previous steps, you can continue to compose the contract online. 

If for some reason the prospect(s) does not have an email, there are other options: 

  1. Help them create an email 
  2. Handwrite the contract

Watch the following video on how to prepare the lease contract through the rent manager.

By the time you read the contract to a prospect, you should have studied and know what the most important parts are. 

Once the prospect has signed the contract online, you can proceed to print it to place it in their file. 

It is also very important that you sign the addendum that relates to parking and towing on the property.

Pro Tip

To save time when the prospect comes to pick up the keys, after the contract and the addendum is signed, ask the then future tenant for their vehicle information. This way you will have them ready by the time they come to pick up the keys.