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Parking Permits (Tenants & Visitors)

Every resident is entitled to two parking permits. These must be given to the resident when the resident first moves in and replaced every time a new lease contract is signed.

Other reasons as to why a resident may request a parking permit:

Paper Plates
  • We do not give out a permanent permit for residents who have paper plates on their cars.
    Instead, we give them temporary permits that last up until their paper plates expire.
    (If they continue to get paper plates then they will continue to get temporary permits) 


The vehicle was sold and the resident bought another.

  • They will have to bring in their previous sticker for the sticker not to be charged.

The resident moved without a vehicle, and after some time living on the property, they bought one.


The video below will explain how to register a car for a parking permit:


It is important to inform each tenant about the visitor parking rules. They are listed on the parking addendum.

All visitors must be parked in the visitor section of each property, and must each have a valid code. 

The visitor must get the code by registering their car through an online website that is provided to every new resident when they move in. (Will be inside the Welcome packet.)