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Excel Property Management- Overview
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Setting up the Recurring Charges

Setting up the recurring charges is extremely important, although it may seem like a small task, it has serious repercussions if not done.

The Recurring Charges are simply the monthly recurring charges that a tenant needs to be billed such as the rent. Doing so the Recurring charge will be billed automatically in the system. 

Of course, certain things need to be charged/billed manually such as the Admin Fee, The First month’s rent, and the Pet deposit. 
The rent should be the only thing that gets charged automatically in the system, there are rare exceptions. 

Below is a video of how to Charge the Recurring Charges Correctly

After that, the file must be placed in the Move-In Bin in the check station, where it will be reviewed by the manager before being stored in the file cabinet. 

Move-In : Checklist

  1. Make sure what is on the file matches the rent manager. 
  2. Make sure Payment was made and received. 
  3. Give tenant 2 house Keys and 1 mailbox key. 
  4. Give the tenant the Move-In Packet and explain it to them. 
  5. Give the tenant the Parking Tags (if applicable) 
  6. Add to Move-In bin in Check Station
  7. Erase the apartment on the Pre-Lease board

Once everything has been reviewed by the manager, the file can be safely stored.