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Excel Property Management- Overview
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Delivering the 3 Day Notice

A 3 Day notice’s preparation is extremely important, but even more so is the way it is delivered.

The person responsible for delivering the 3-day notice is the property Manager. 

There are many situations the Manager will encounter when delivering this notice, below we will explain what to do in each one.


If possible, a three-day notice should be delivered to the resident, but we understand that sometimes this may not be possible. It is advisable to go with two people, as picture proof needs to be taken and it is easier when there is more than one person.

If the resident is not home:

Open the door to the apartment and tape the notice inside.
A picture of the 3 Day Notice taped to the door needs to be taken as well and put in the file.

If the resident is not home:

It is necessary to greet the person and to present the notice to them.
Explain to them what the notice means, and take a picture of the 3 Day Notice being handed to them. 

If a person who is not on the lease contract is there. (Only adults who are on the lease contract can receive the 3 Day Notice.):

  • Greet the person at the door and explain that you have to put the notice inside the apartment door.
    Once you have done so, take a picture of the posted notice. 

If any additional issues arise, consult with the Collections Director for advice.

Once the 3 Day notice is delivered, the tenant has 3 days to move out voluntarily;
otherwise, the eviction process will begin. 

The Tenant Stays after receiving a 3 Day Notice

On the 4th Day, 3 Days after the notice is delivered the manager must walk all of the apartments that the 3 Day Notice was handed to.

Two things can occur. 

  • The Resident will move out 3 days after the notice is given to them.  If so, the Move Out Process begins.
  • The Resident has not vacated the apartment. If this is the case then the eviction process will begin.