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Excel Property Management- Overview
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File Eviction & Court

Every property has a different Court where they must file their evictions.

The chart below will provide the address and the court where each property must go to file for eviction.

Each tenant’s documentation should then be filled out. (On the Intranet, you’ll find all of the documents.)

The Specific documents that need to be filled out are: 

  • Petition for Eviction from Residential Premises (2 pages) 
  • Military Status Affidavit (1 Page) 

This should be attached to the following documents: 

  • The 3-Day Notice (If you are evicting the resident due to Holdover the Non-Renewal Letter should be attached as well.) 
  • The evidence of Delivery. (The Picture) 
  • The Tenant Transactions (Late fees should be deducted from the transactions.)
  • A copy of the lease contract.

Check Request 

When requesting the check for court, the manager must contact the Accounting Department. 

The Accounting department will take into account the following amounts:

1 Tenant = $ 129.00 

Each Additional Tenant = $ 75.00 

Each manager is responsible for picking up the checks from the Accounting Department and assuring that it is of the correct amount.