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Excel Property Management- Overview
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Folders/ Files are used to safeguard the information of each resident, be that be a current tenant or a past tenant.

They are then filed in a drawer and organized in order of apartment number. This helps us easily find any file. 

Once we get the Move-In Process, we will explain in exactly what order the documents within the folder need to be placed. 

*These Folders must be kept in a strict order, they will be audited consistently*

Folders are also regularly updated, to add any new leases or any new documentation you may have given to the tenant. 

These files contain sensitive information about the residents. This includes but is not limited to their identifications, telephones, and emails.

Therefore, access to this area is restricted to only office personnel. We respect each tenant’s privacy. 


Dead Files

Dead files are files that belong to past tenants. These files can not be thrown away, they are to be kept in boxes also ordered by apartment number.