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Excel Property Management- Overview
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Application Procedure (#1) – First Step

The applications procedure is the first part of the Move-in process. This process is mainly done by the leasing agent, as they are responsible for attracting and attending to any new prospects.


Remember that not every prospect who fills out an application will be accepted.
This indicates that the higher the number of applications submitted for review, the more likely they are to be approved and moved in.

Tools to help you through this stage: 

  1. The Application (Paper or Digital) 
  2. Application Summary 
  3. Core Logic (background check)
  4. Scanner 
  5. Email


Prospects can hear about a property from many different avenues, these include but are not limited to 

  1. Facebook 
  2. Flyers 
  3. Resident Referral 
  4. Walk By (Passed by the property and decided to enter the office) 

Regardless of its source, you must remember that anyone interested in an apartment must be treated with the same care and attention that would be given to a resident who already lives on the property.