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Excel Property Management- Overview
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Informing the Prospect of the decision corporate made:

Once you have received an answer from corporate on an application you must inform the prospect.

Based on the response from Corporate, proceed in the following ways:

  • Approved
  • Denied
  • Incomplete
  • Look for vacant apartment options and invite the prospect to sign a contract.****

Call or text the prospect informing them of the corporation’s decision (see handbook).

  • If they request rental verification, contact the Property where the prospect resides by phone and request the email to send the Rent Verification form.
  • If they request a co-applicant, talk to the prospect.

Once you have the answers, send them back to the Application Reviewer awaiting approval (approval or rejection).

Once you have the options to offer to the Prospect (use the make-ready board & unit vacancy report) invite them to come and sign the contract and also explain the conditions for their approval such as;

  • Administrative charges (admin fee or risk fee).
  • Prorated Rent (If Applicable) 
  • Pet charges (If Applicable) 
  • Special (Example: 50% off 1 month, Only if Applicable) 

Establish the date the prospect will come to sign the lease, as well as prepare a list of apartments that the prospect may want. 

*Note: An apartment is not officially reserved until the lease is signed and the Admin Fee is paid*