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Excel Property Management- Overview
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Pest Control Process

If Residents call and ask for the pest control service, add the apartment number on the pest control request sheet.

If it’s something more serious, call and schedule an appointment with the pest control company.  

  • Call to schedule it with the pest control office. 
  • They will send you back the form for the treatment.
  • Call the resident to go over the treatment. (Step by Step, and make sure they understand)
  • Have them sign the paper & give them a copy. Please inform the resident that if they are not ready for treatment on the day of the appointment, the appointment will be canceled.
  • Scan and send the paperwork back to the pest control office. 
  • One day before the treatment date, call the tenant to remind them of the treatment. 


If a resident tells you they have Bed Bugs, make an appointment with the pest control office right away.


Transferring a resident with Bed Bugs or Fleas is not permitted until the full treatment has been completed!

If a tenant has Bed Bugs or Fleas and asks for their carpet to be replaced, explain that decision-making cannot be made until treatment is complete.


Every time Pest Control comes, they treat at least one full building, plus anything else on the request sheet.