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Excel Property Management- Overview
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Make Ready

A Make-Ready gets a vacant apartment ready for a new tenant to move in.

The make-ready coordinator is directly in charge of all make-ready personnel.

The Make Ready Regional Coordinator works closely with the Manager and Leasing agents. Together they coordinate the make-ready personnel to meet the occupancy demands of each property.

The Make Ready Coordinator strictly keeps track of all the tools and materials, thus making sure they are used for the correct purposes. 

The Make Ready Regional coordinators main responsibilities are: 

  • Coordinate with porters to do trash-outs on newly vacant units. 
  • They must close each work order and in the description of the work, they must list all the materials that were used to complete the work order. 
  • Walk vacant apartments to see what is missing for them to be complete. (Coordinate with Property Manager)
  • Inform the office specifically the manager of any problems that may delay the completion of an apartment. 
  • Update the Make-Ready board as soon a task is complete. 

Each Make Ready is responsible for completing their own set of tasks, and to be considered a make-ready, the team member must know how to do all these tasks.

These tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Repair sheetrock; paint as necessary.
  • Repair/replace faucets, sink plugs, dishwashers, curtains, mini-blinds, ceiling fans, garbage disposals.
  • Assist in the repair/replacement/removal of appliances.
  • Repair/replace light bulbs, fixtures, windows, latches, screens, hinges, sliding glass doors, shelves, baseboards, mirrors, and closets.
  • Repair/replace sinks, bathtubs, showers, and flooring materials.
  • Assist with maintaining the exterior grounds and common areas of the property clean.
  • Ensure all repairs/replacements are completed as necessary for the apartment to be complete. 
  • Ensure that all trash from apartments is cleaned out before, during, and after completing the apartment.